Photos: "Strange Beauty" by John Bonath

A spider's tiny leg hairs ("thrichobotria"), and a boy quietly, confidently holding the jaws of a taxidermied crocodile with a solitary bubble floating above his head. These images and other appropriately titled "strangely beautiful" photos by John Bonath will be on display during the creepiest of month -- October -- at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

"A Strange Beauty, Photographic Studies of the Museum's Collections by John Bonath," opens today and runs through Halloween. Below is a sampling of the more than 60 photographs that will be on display.

The exhibit is free with admission to the museum. From the DMNS website:

A new photography exhibit, "A Strange Beauty, Photographic Studies of the Museum's Collections by John Bonath," includes 62 large-scale works inspired by the Denver Museum of Nature & Science's education, zoology, and earth sciences collections.

The first exhibition of its kind and scale, "A Strange Beauty," presents some of the Museum's collections-such as snake skin sheds, horse skulls, and nests-to the public in the form of art. Collaboration between the local artist and the Museum allowed Bonath the opportunity to photograph these treasures in both a studio at the Museum and in the artist's studio.

Photos continue on the next page.

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