3: Alexis Cooley
Liberty Shellman

Photos: Ten Great Shots from Another 100 Colorado Creatives

We finished our second round of 100 Colorado Creatives questionnaire profiles — a celebration of local artists, performers, makers and doers — in December. Now, as we mull over whom to feature in the next 100, you can look back at the entire Another 100 Colorado Creatives series with our 100CC #100 through #51 and 100CC #50 through #1 slide shows. But first, a few great photos:

7: Bree Davies
Sarah Cass
26: Bobby LeFebre
Courtesy of Bobby LeFebre
37: Molly Bounds
Courtesy of Molly Bounds
55: Sandra Fettingis
Lindsey Bartlett
64: Sarah Rockett
Christy Wolfe
72: Adán De La Garza
Courtesy of Adán De La Garza
88: Tara Rynders
Claire Roeth

Now see the full slide shows for Another 100 Colorado Creatives 100-51 and Another 100 Colorado Creatives 50-1.


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