Photos: These Capitol Hill characters go bump in the night

When the sun goes down, nocturnal Denverites emerge and turn up their style swagger. Take a look at this week's trendsetters and rule-breakers -- caught in their natural environs of East 13th Avenue.

Name: Shelly Shellhorn.

Spotted at: 13th and Pearl.

Profession: DJ at Beauty Bar; motorcycle jacket and vintage T-shirt expert at Buffalo Exchange.

Favorite film: Suburbia.

iPod favorites: Iron Maiden's Killers album, Rose Tattoo's self-titled album, Judas Priest's Screaming for Vengeance, and The Ramones' Rocket to Russia.

Style inspirations/ icons: The Ramones and Gun's N' Roses. I like to think my style is their love child.

Favorite accessory: My signature bullet belt.

Favorite color: Black and pumpkin-like orange.

Style mantra: I dress how I feel that day, according to my mood. I can be inspired by anything from super-heavy metal to a favorite cartoon character, like Quick Draw McGraw. I'm a heavy-metal punk-rock outlaw.

Find out more about DJ Shelly's night at Beauty Bar.

The style of Keegan James Parker is on Page 2.

Name: Keegan James Parker.

Spotted at: 13th and Grant.

Profession: Junior at University of Colorado Denver, studying finance and astrophysics.

Favorite film: I like Memento, but anything by Christopher Nolan and Guy Ritchie, too.

iPod favorites: Eskimo's song, "Cloud Light."

Style inspirations/ icons: Marlon Brando, James Dean, Tupac and Frank Sinatra.

Favorite accessory: My Osprey backpack. It's been everywhere with me, including Europe twice.

Favorite color: Black and blue.

Style mantra: Just fuckin' look good. Confidence is everything and appearance helps with that.

Style analysis: After-hours Capitol Hill can be shadowy setting -- but full of peculiar characters, mysterious smiles and debauched fun nonetheless. It's also home to a distinctive blend of fashion taste. For Keegan and Shelly, black is always in, as are throbbing beats and classic style icons like Frank Sinatra.

Turntables and longboards are not the only things that go bump in the night; In central Denver, style does, too.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.