Photos: YesPleaseMore, the Denver Pavilions pop-up store, has new digs

The new space for YesPleaseMore, the pop-up store that showcases strictly Colorado-designed fashions, artwork, jewelry and home accessories, showed off its new location in the Denver Pavilions on Friday night.

YesPleaseMore was previously in another space in the Pavilions, and while the new location on the second level across from Express and next to Niketown, is a bit smaller, the all-glass front walls and "ergonomic" layout -- in the words of one of its founders -- could make one consider this new space an improvement. And it seemed that way to customers and friends milling about on Friday as Clayton Meador provided music through a the turntables in the back of the room.

The pop-up store -- named so for its temporary lifespan in a specific location -- will be around until February sometime, says co-founder Samuel Schimeck (one of our Style Locals in September.) After that, the store could move to another vacant retail space, Schimeck says.

In all, there are 68 designers with product present at YesPleaseMore, which ups the number by 10 from its previous location.

But enough jibber jabber, you came here to see what's for sale there, right? Pictures below. (Check out YesPleaseMore at YesPleaseMore.com)

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