Picture Perfect Fashions

While Cat’s on the Vogue kick, here are a few of the ads that just popped. I mean, seriously, don’t we all read fashion mags for the ads, anyway? The words are sort of incidental. (Although, Cat always flips immediately and directly to Vogue's “Nostalgia” column. The pieces are always witty, interesting and provocative, something that brings a deeper understanding of fashion or the way we live.)

Anyway, Kate Moss just looks stunning in this David Yurman ad – and Cat isn’t a huge fan of either Moss or Yurman. So congrats on the pair making two wrongs such a right.

(More images after the jump.)

Same goes for Elizabeth Hurley. Cat won't deny that she’s gorgeous, but there’s nothing about her that ever sparked any real passion. She could never sell me clothes…until now. Cat wants those Jordache jeans (Hurley’s ass to fill them out wouldn’t hurt, either). And Tyra would be so proud: Hurley has the “fierce” model stare down.

Finally, Cat just wants this Bottega Veneta dress. The seersucker, the volume, the back detailing, everything. It’s sweet but not cloying. Like when places take a perfectly delicious cinnamon roll and slather it with frosting. Bleck. Not that Cat could have the dress, even if price were no object (which it is ), since the closest BV store is in Vegas, and they don’t sell anything but accessories online.

Still a great way to indulge on a lazy Friday afternoon is by clicking through the BV catalogue. Enjoy.

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