Poll: Do These Shoes Have Heart?

Cat can't decide if she's in love or if she's lost her mind. (Yes, Stacy, we know what you will say. Your thoughts on Cat's shoes have been duly noted in the comments.) You see these green Corazon sandals from Re-Mix Classic Vintage Footwear are either the most darling thing she's seen in a long time OR something her great grandmother would have worn with a housedress in the '40s -- but not in the cool retro hipster way. (via She's a Betty.) What say you: Fresh or ready for retirement?

Here are some of the site's additional styles that Cat's hot for:

Left to right: Deco ($188), Balboa ($188 -- the perfect T-strap with tons of basic colors if you're not into two-tone green like Cat) and Anita ($188 -- love ankle the strap!).

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