Pot pavilion ready for lift-off at Denver County Fair

Typical county fairs hand out blue ribbons for livestock, quilts and homemade pies. The 2014 Denver County Fair, which starts next Friday, August 1, will hold competitions for all of those, too. Only some of the pies might get you stoned.

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Debuting at the fair in an upstairs level for those 21 and older, the pot pavilion will have vendors and activities intended to showcase the fun-loving side of cannabis culture. Events include pot-related competitions, live comedy and music and light shows. The fair's website promise -- "We're mixing up a big batch of tradition with a side of NOW!" -- rings particularly true when considering it will feature what organizers say is the world's first pot pavilion.

"We want the fair to be a reflection of Colorado and Denver," fair marketing and creative director Tracy Weil says of the cannabis presence. "So how could we not include it?"

Weil says the fair had explored options of including cannabis years ago, but says it wasn't quite ready for it. Now that legalized weed has become synonymous with Colorado, Weil saw it as a no-brainer for this third edition of the fair.

"I think there are a lot of people who are curious about the new law, and this is their opportunity to see it in a more mainstream fashion," he adds.

Because this is a public event, no pot will actually be on site, and all judging of cannabis and cannabis-infused products will take place in a different location. But there will be pictures of the plants and products in the competition for fair-goers to look at, as well as plenty of ganja-friendly entertainment.

Marijuana Deals Near You

Here's a list of what the pot pavilion has planned during the fair:

  • Live Blue Ribbon Competitions like "Speed Rolling" and a "Doritos Eating Contest"
  • Live Bands and comedians
  • Laser Light Show
  • Grateful Dead karaoke
  • Blue ribbon Competition displays (No marijuana will be onsite. Some entries will be represented with photos. )
  • Exhibitors sharing information and discount coupons
  • Vendors selling pot-related merchandise, including paraphernalia and counter-culture items.

Cannabis competitions include:

  • Best Marijuana Plant - Homegrown, Organic, Hybrid
  • Most Unique Hybrid Plant
  • Best Marijuana Plant - Commercial, Organic, Hybrid
  • Largest Bud
  • Best Hash
  • Best Brownie Infused Recipe
  • Best Sweet Confection Infused Recipe (non-Brownie)
  • Best Savory Infused Recipe
  • Best Novelty Edible Recipe
  • Best Gluten-Free Infused Recipe
  • Best Hemp Fabric
  • Best Hemp Garment
  • Best Homemade Bong or Pipe
  • Best Homemade Roach Clip
  • Best Tie-Dye
  • Best Pot Pin Collection
  • Best Pot Pin Original Design
  • Fastest Bud Trimming (Offsite - Live)

The deadline to enter any plant or edibles competition was July 20, but there is still time to enter the hemp and paraphernalia competitions. And if you think you can roll joints or eat Doritos faster than anyone (which a lot of potheads do), sign-ups for those contests are required just ten minutes before they start.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.