Pot roast: Best zingers at Comedy Works

Comedy Works South threw a pot roast Wednesday evening, luring in over 300 hungry patrons for a feast of second-hand smoke and light-hearted mockery. Hosted by the affable Chuck Roy, the lineup included Comedy Works owner Wende Curtis; such club veterans as Roger Rittenhouse, George McLure and Steve Mudflap McGrew, local heroes including Nora Lynch, Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald (carrying his suspiciously mellow chihuahua Yoda) and Josh Blue; and relative newcomers Jodee Champion, Derrick Rush and Sam Tallent.

McLure and McGrew brought the wizened perspectives of recovering addicts to their performances, coaxing delayed laughs from an audience so thoroughly blazed that many of them needed a few extra seconds to absorb a punchline. The generational clash between the roasters on the dais contributed to the kind of comic tension that only kind can relieve.

Here are some of the best zingers from the pot roast. Mind you, these are not strictly verbatim, as memories of the evening are appropriately hazy. See also: - Chuck Roy on POTroast and his favorite public places to get high - Kind of Blue: Josh Blue takes center stage. - Driving-while-stoned videos help fuel momentum of THC driving bill

Chuck Roy: "Welcome to Comedy Works South, where comedy works and improv doesn't."

Wende Curtis: "When I got here there was so much billowing white smoke that I thought we'd already found a new Pope."

Sam Tallent: "I'm not saying Steve Mudflap McGrew is racist, but he keeps ordering Derrick to bring him an iced tea."

Sam Tallent: "Roger Rittenhouse has a hook for a hand, or as his wife calls it, 'only on your birthday, honey.'"

Roger Rittenhouse (to Chuck Roy): "How do you suck dick with cottonmouth?"

Jodee Champion: "Chuck Roy has a new kiosk in the mall, the Build-A-Big-Gay-Bear Workshop, where you can stuff your own big gay bear. If you pay extra, he stuffs it himself. Tip him and he won't make bitchy comments about your clothes as you walk away." Derrick Rush, a promising newcomer who bore the brunt of a series of mostly unimaginative tokenism jokes, had the strongest set of cannabis-infused jokes, ending with a visual gag about using his lighter search for a lighter that hit big with all the stoners in the audience.

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