Pretty in punk: Writer Malaya Harris spotted at 17th and Glenarm

Punk style is not just for guys. We spotted Denver native Malaya Harris back home during a break from her classes in Chicago. She creates her own unique look by crafting accessories and personalizing her clothing; keep reading to discover what inspires her look and her style icons.

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Name: Malaya Harris.

Spotted at: 17th and Glenarm streets.

Profession: English student and writer. I got to school in Chicago for fiction writing and work as a tutor on campus as well. I just finished my sophomore year at Columbia College. I write poetry and fiction.

Favorite film: I like horror movies. I like Dario Argento Lars Von Trier films. They are emotional and beautiful. I sob when I watch them. I love when I see art and I feel like the artist is speaking for me.

2014 summer jam: Los Angeles by the band, X.

Style inspirations/icons: My little sister taught me how to do makeup. I wear all black because Crass does. Evil stuff in general; I'm really interested in the evil side of nature. Horror films and ancient Filipino ghost stories show up in my style. In Denver people encourage me to dress different. All of my friends are punks, so I'm always influenced by punk fashion. My friends taught me how to sew, stud and paint leather.

Favorite accessory: Necklaces. I've been into necklaces since I was thirteen.

Favorite color: Red.

Style mantra: You look fine no matter what. It doesn't matter. I wear what I want. I say this to myself

Shops at: Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange -- I only shop at used clothing stores.

"My goal with the way I dress is for people to see me as an artist before they see me as a woman. It tells so much more about me. If I dress wild with stuff I made, it is more of a window of who I am. The bones and studded leather are my art and they're more telling then my gender or color of my skin."

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