Project Runway All Stars already jumps the shark? Oh yes.

It's only episode three of Project Runway All Stars, and already they're jumping the shark by having the client for this week's challenge be a fictional character. Not just a fictional character, but a fictional animal character. A fictional Muppet character.

That's right, the designers are making cocktail dresses for Miss Piggy.

As always, some of the designers took to the challenge like pigs to truffles while others struggled. Kenley believed her retro style would be perfect for Miss Piggy (surprise, surprise) while Mondo tried to go in a direction inspired by the '60s to harken back to Miss Piggy's childhood -- and found himself struggling with how heavy his wallpaper-like fabric was looking.

Giordanna and Michael were both confident in their designs, but not in each other's. Michael believed Giordanna's dress "could be found in any department store," while she thought her dress was "hot, hot, hot!"

Giordanna believed Michael's dress was uninspired, but he refused to listen to the haters.

The work room was a symphony cacophony of bacon/pork-related jokes. This episode definitely wasn't kosher.

When the fashion show began, it was shocking to see how many designers decided to put Miss Piggy, a pink puppet, in pink fabric, or some incarnation of the color.

Michael: a shiny brocade mess complete with head bow.

April: black dress with a flouncy skirt and bow in back with feathers on the shoulders.

Jerell: black and red '40s inspired dress.

Kara: black houndstooth dress with bared midriff.

Kenley: strapless pink-and-white print dress with a full skirt.

Anthony: black striped dress with peacock feather on the front and a long skirt.

Rami: a ruffled, flamenco-type mess.

Mila: long sleeved black and white striped knee length dress.

Girodanna: pink, knee-length dress with rhinestone and flower embellishment around the neck and shoulders.

Austin: gray-and-red strapless dress with giant red bows on the sides.

Mondo: shiny, hot pink Jackie O-inspired dress that, as painful as it is to say because I love Mondo, reminded me of hot pink tin foil.

Mondo apparently agreed with my assessment, and had so little in faith in his dress that even he said, "I have no doubt in my mind that I'm going home," as his design walked down the runway. Luckily, the judges saved Mondo this week. They deemed the designs by Rami, Michael and Kenley the best, and those by and Austin, Giordanna and Mila the worst.

After telling Kenley, Austin and his ridiculous hat that they were safe, the judges told Michael and Rami that they had the highest scores. Thankfully, Rami's polka-dotted disaster didn't win. Michael was crowded the winner of this round and will have his dress on Miss Piggy for the premiere of The Muppets.

Mila and Giordanna had the lowest scores, and after lots of unnecessary build-up from Miss Piggy, it was revealed that Giordanna was going home...and Mila was left to miss the mark another week.

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