Project Runway All Stars shows you "can have your cantaloupe and eat it, too"

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Almost as if the producers new what a mistake they made with last week's episode, this week they turned up the excitement with big guests and an even bigger challenge. The designers have been tasked with creating a garment inspired by a flavor of gelato to show to fashion legend Diane Von Furstenburg and supermodel Miranda Kerr. The kicker, though, is that they only get six hours to finish everything.

Last week's winner Michael and Mondo were both excited about the challenge, prompting Mondo to exclaim "I'm going to have my cantaloupe and eat it, too" when he got the color he wanted (cantaloupe) for his garment.

Because the designers were on such a time crunch, a "mini Mood" was set up in the work room stocked with fabrics to choose from. Everyone seemed to find what they needed with the limited resources, except April, who once again needed black jersey but couldn't find any.

Once fabric was picked, the work space transformed from a sewing room into a looney bin.

Kenley couldn't stop laughing hysterically and everyone else was "running around like a chicken with their head cut off" as Austin put it.

Maybe it was the shorter work time or maybe the competition has just started getting to everyone, but the bitchiness was on full-blast tonight, most of it coming from Jerrell. He described Mila's dress as a "color blocked, Christmas ornament disaster." He didn't care for Kara's dress either, saying "her model is a rail and she has her lookin' like a pregnant cupcake."

And while Michael was calmly finishing his dress at only three hours in, Jerrell expressed his belief that his garment was "so easy a chimpanzee could do it." Maybe a chimpanzee would have done a better job, because shortly after he finished his dress, Michael realized that one side of his dress was eight and a half inches shorter than the other side.

While Kara was attempting to finish her dress, she called her struggle a "make it work" moment, opening up the wound that is the absence of Tim Gunn, just as we were starting to get over it.

Six hours went by in a flash and before the designers knew it, it was time for the runway.

Mondo: An orange, green and white, "drapey komono" as he called it, but really it was a kaftan. Inspiration: Cantaloupe.

Anthony: Halter dress with flouncy dress and structured top. Inspiration: Green Tea.

Kenley: Hot pink dress with yellow polka dots and a yellow cravat of sorts. Inspiration: Passion Fruit.

Rami: Green top with black polka dots and a green silk skirt with a black belt. Inspiration: Kiwi.

Mila: White and red drapey sheath dress. Inspiration: Milk and sour cherries.

Jerrell: Hippie flow-y print dress in reds, blacks and yellows with cut outs at the top. His was the only dress that got a thumbs up from Diane. Inspiration: Fruits of the forest.

Kara: Puffy halter dress going from white to red in layers. Inspiration: Chocolate with cayenne pepper.

Michael: Flow-y silk robe with a cut out in the back. Inspiration: Grapefruit.

April: Strapless dark purple/black dress with a reeeeally short skirt in the back. Inspiration: Blueberry.

Austin: White asymmetrical dress with flowers on the strap and a flow-y skirt. Inspiration: Vanilla Madagascar.

After the garments went down the runway, Jerrell, Austin, Rami and Kenley were safe and the judges picked their favorite and least-favorite outfits. Mondo, Michael and Mila had the highest scores, while Kara, April and Anthony had the lowest scores. The judges couldn't decide between Mondo and Michael's dresses, but finally settled on Michael as the winner, with Diane Von Furstenburg telling him to "call me after the show." As a prize, Michael got guest judge Miranda Kerr to wear his dress to an event.

The losing dress was narrowed down to Kara or April, with the judges saying Kara's dress was unflattering and that April's looked like a "Halloween spider thing."

Eventually it was decided that April's Halloween trick didn't treat, and she was sent home.

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