Prop 8 overturned: Here's how our favorite gay celebs are reacting

In a move that renewed our faith in humanity today (particularly after we witnessed a dancing man get hit by an ice cream truck), the U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker overturned California's heinous ban on gay marriage. Since an estimated 80 percent of the people we cover are expected to be directly impacted by the decision (we are a blog devoted to arts and culture, after all), we thought we'd see how some gay celebrities are reacting.

Ellen DeGeneres

This just in: Equality won!less than a minute ago via web

Perez Hilton

@JoCalderone We can legally marry in Cali now! I see a wedding in our future!!! #Prop8less than a minute ago via web

Lance Bass

Congrats on the overturning of Prop 8!!!!less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

Curiously, Tom Cruise remains mum on the subject.

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