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Get Drunk on Public Art and Selfies During This Scavenger Hunt

No guarantees, but Donald Lipski's "The Yearling" could be a part of the Art, Beer and Me Scavenger Hunt.
No guarantees, but Donald Lipski's "The Yearling" could be a part of the Art, Beer and Me Scavenger Hunt. Denver Arts & Venues
From "I See What You Mean" (aka the Big Blue Bear) at the Colorado Convention Center to "The Yearling," Donald Lipski's sculpture of a horse on a red chair in front of the Central Public Library, Denver is teeming with public art.

Now Burns Family Artisan Ales, a craft brewery that's tired of the coronavirus putting a damper on activities this year, has launched the Art, Beer and Me Scavenger Hunt to encourage you to scrape yourself off of the couch, re-enter the world, and check out some of the greatest creative works the Mile High City has to offer. Register online at and the brewery will send you a list of fourteen pieces of public art, all outdoors and all within the city of Denver.

There are four ways to participate. Level one: Go check out the art. The reward? You may lower your anxiety levels and learn more about the city’s neighborhoods. Level two: Take a selfie in front of each piece of art and document the experience. Level three (and this is where beer deals come in): Caption your photos and pair them with your favorite Burns Family Artisan Ale beer. Then tag the posts and make them public. (In this heated election season, the brewery discourages political or culturally divisive commentary, and promises to sad-face such posts and disqualify the entries.) Post one to five pieces online, and you’ll receive 50 percent off a beer. Post six to ten, and you’ll get 10 percent off your tab. Eleven to fourteen photos will get you 20 percent off. Those who receive the most laugh emojis on all fourteen posts will receive a $10 gift card; those who get the most likes will receive a $20 gift card; and the person with the most comments will receive hugs when they are allowed to be had again and a free beer.

If you want to skip the public art and just get a drink, Burns Family Artisan Ales is located at 2505 West Second Avenue. The spot offers cheerily titled beers like the fruity, tropical Scandinavian IPA Let Them Eat Jellybeans and the boozy This Is Your Year 2020 (The Way It Should Be). If you're ready to scavenge, the public-art hunt runs from Sunday, October 11, through Sunday, October 25. For more information about the brewery, go to the Burns Family Artisan Ales website.
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