Random Interview: Camelia Aguayo

Denver is host to a cornucopia of interesting people. In an effort to showcase the broad character of the populace, Westword's own Ben Dayton is doing random interviews with random people, randomly.

Today, he interrupted Camelia Aguayo in the park as she was reading Tom Robbins. What follows is their conversation concerning such topics as Mickey Mouse and the likability of squirrels.

WW: What is your favorite toe? CA: I guess it would have to be the third and fourth one away from the big toe -- I guess the middle one. It's the most normal-looking one, and that makes me happy. I have horribly disfigured feet. They're weird.

WW: What color is your laughter? CA: Magenta. And this green [points to a bright, kelly-green part of her dress].

WW: When is go time? CA: After the first Long Island iced tea, it's go time.

WW: Do you know Courage Wolf? CA: Courage Wolf?

WW: How many times per day do you fall over? Roughly. CA: Uh, three.

WW: That's a good amount. What is your least favorite time of day? CA: My least favorite time of the day, I think, is like 2 p.m.

WW: Who is your least favorite cartoon character? CA: Mickey. Mickey can blow me.

WW: What is a samizdat? CA: A what?

WW: A samizdat. CA: Samizdat. I have no idea.

WW: Are you familiar with the term 'chuppawupps'? CA: No

WW: Why is Glenn Beck so popular? CA: I don't know. I don't know who he is?

WW: Why do you hate squirrels? CA: You know, I actually don't hate them. I've been around a lot of people who do, though. I gotta tell you that I think they're pretty fucking cute. And weird.

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