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Charged with the task of interviewing the common folk of Denver for Westword, my weekly quest to speak with interesting characters about the pressing issues of our time found me in an alley on Capitol Hill, where I found a part-time graffiti writer who identified himself only as Kodak. He continued to walk around making his mark as we conversed on a wide array of subjects. What follows is our conversation concerning the value of art, the shadiness of dolphins, and Keynesian economics, among other things. WW: How long have you been in the graffiti scene? K: I don't know, I really don't fucking like graffiti. So, it's more of a hobby I guess, and I don't know if time really pertains to vandalism.

WW: How many different names do you write? K: I write a lot of different names. I don't know, it's like, all the writers write one name, and they're known for it, but I don't really care to be known. It's a hobby. Who gives a shit.

WW: Why art? K: Art. Well, art kind of sucks too; it's all kind of bullshit. So yeah, I think you just put it in one big basket and throw it in the United States and call it art; it's art. So, you know, it just doesn't matter; it's all crap.

WW: Have you heard about Chatroulette? K: Chatroulette, I've heard about it. I've heard a lot of wacky things about dildos and naked chicks and tits, so it's very intriguing to me. I'd like to see it, but I never really have the time. They have this website called Redtube, and I get my porn from that, so why take the risk at seeing a dick when I don't need to.

WW : What's your favorite kind of candy? K: Lately, I've been digging on M&Ms, probably peanut and peanut butter. I think that shit's sick.

WW: Who rules? K: Oh, dude. (laughs) Right now, I think Obama is ruling. But, who rules? Probably, like, some secret shit we don't know about, man. It's probably the real shit, you know, like the Order of the Illuminati or something, is what's going on; is what's up.

WW: Why Denver? K: Oh, shit. I'm stuck here.

WW: Do you listen to Bob Dylan? K: Bob Dylan, yeah. Kind of a whiny voice though.

WW: Do you read Hemingway, or have you? K: I think I have some of his books, but I haven't really read much of him. I knew, uh, what's his name from Fear And Loathing liked him.

WW: Are dolphins out to get you? K: Oh, shit. I guess... if I'm in the ocean, I feel like everything's out to get me. So yeah. But not now, not right now I don't feel like it.

WW: What does yellow taste like? K: Probably like...probably like LSD, or like Molly or MDMA. I think it probably tastes like drugs. Some hard drugs.

WW: Can nachos be bad? K: Oh, man. Yeah... but no, so, probably no.

WW: Do you know who Epictetus was? K: Sounds like a sexual position.

WW: Do you agree with Keynesian economics? K: Oh, absolutely. Who's Ken? I like Ken. Sounds like a good name.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.