Ray Young Chu, former Denver art ninja, rocks Urban Outfitters with his Karate Kat tee

Ray Young Chu was true Denver original we were sorry to see go. After shaking up the local art scene with his colorful canvas-based fusion of anime and photorealism and his experimental "art band" The Yummies -- which involved Chu and his colleagues rapping and doing graffiti in bear and ninja costumes -- he headed off to Los Angeles. The move has treated him well. While the Yummies appear to be in artistic hibernation, Chu's one-man artistic behemoth is definitely not. After all, one of his recent signature creations -- a Karate Kat print -- is now appearing on Urban Outfitters T-shirts.

And Chu isn't content with just coming up with designs for women's boxy tees. His action-packed website showcases all sorts of warped artistic odes to pop culture, many of which are for sale. There are prints of a dinosaur rocking a Snuggie, Laser Cats drowning in cereal bowls, puppies in ice cream cones and, of course, a dinosaur in an ice cream cone shooting lasers and wearing a kitten as a hat.

And, if the Karate Kat T-shirt isn't enough to satisfy your love of kitten-infused 1980s schlock, there are also prints and apparel featuring the likes of the Cobra Kat (those assholes) and an inspired re-imagining of one of the most iconic movie lines of all time: "Sweep the tail, Johnny Kat! Sweep the tail!"

Mr. Meow-gi would be proud. (Wokka!)

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