Reader: Andy Kelso charms as Prince Fiyero in Wicked

Andy Kelso

flew back to Colorado last week for a starring role in


-- and "it's incredible" to be back home, says the Aurora native. "I already have heard from old high school and childhood friends who are coming to see the show and have reached out to say congratulations. It's sure to be a busy six weeks with trying to see everyone, do everything, and perform the show eight times a week, but I can't wait. The


is where I first saw my big 'Broadway' shows, so to play the theater is a dream come true."

And Kelso's winning fans from outside his home state.

Says MicheleP:

We had the privilege of seeing Andy in Portland, Oregon on Easter Sunday. His performance was outstanding (honestly, the best Fiyero we've seen yet), and he was so kind and gracious when signing autographs and taking pictures after the show, despite the short break the cast had.

Just the kind of person you love to see succeed.

Wicked runs through May 20 at the Buell Theatre. Find ticket information here.

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