Reader: Anonymous is not giving up on the social network

The loosely affiliated consortium of hackers and interwebz rabble-rousers Anonymous is still legion, but these days it's a kinder, gentler one -- or so the Anons behind the activist-minded social network Anon+ would suggest. Even though its first efforts to get that network going were shut down by server attacks seemingly perpetrated by other Anons, they're not giving up, and they're not even mad. Reader Anonymous Watcher explains:

Actually, it was not Anonymous who had a go at Presstorm's servers. We have a fair idea who the individual was - and it was not Anonymous.

Meanwhile, several key peeps have seen what we're about and have come on board.

So, in love, I say: STFU. Enjoy the Lulz.

We always enjoy lulz, Anon. Here's hoping whatever network you get off the ground will provide more of them.

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