Never Say Never Again?'"">

Reader: "'Any" Connery Bond? Even 'Never Say Never Again?'"

There are some movies you'll watch on TV no matter how many times you've seen them before. Yesterday, I called these

"catnip movies"

and unloaded my list of flicks that grab my attention and keep it, commercials and all.

Among the movies on my list were Westerns with Clint Eastwood, either Godfather classic and any James Bond movie with Sean Connery and the first three with Roger Moore.

But PW1206 called me out on that, saying:

"Any" Connery Bond? Even 'Never Say Never Again?'

A good point. This 1983 rogue flick starred the aging Connery playing Bond for the first time in twelve years. But, yes. Even with the changes and missing elements brought about by a different production company, even with Connery getting around with a cane and walker, it's hard to resist the original 007. Get me some popcorn.

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