Reader: Art at Denver International Airport is super creepy

Another day, another conspiracy regarding Denver International Airport. If it's not Martians living under the floor, it's "Mustang" shooting his devil gaze into the heavens, or the New World Order sending secret communications via the murals. See also: - New World Order! Conspiracy theories keep landing at Denver International Airport - DIA conspiracy theorists "continually surprise and delight us," says airport spokeswoman

Says newworldorderblog:

Dis-information is a method used by modern day main stream media all of the time....

I have seen the murals, paintings, and time caps in person many times. They are beyond weird; and they are super creepy. I have traveled through this airport many times; and I have also researched this topic on both sides. My mom even used to work for United Airlines on the tar mat after this airport was first built. It is because of some of her experiences that I even know some things that I know now. From what I know, based upon research, DIA is probably housing nuclear reactors/weapons; and definitely continuation of government.

I think this obvious.

Maybe it's obvious from the "tar mat." What do you think of DIA conspiracy theories? Post your thoughts below.

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