Reader: Artopia was a cornucopia of fine art, street art and photographer

Where was the

art in Artopia

? That was the question one reader asked after looking at a

slide show



s entertainment extravaganza that filled five venues on Broadway with music, fashion, food, drinks...and yes, lots and lots of art.

You couldn't miss it...if you were there.

Bottlefly offers a tally:

With a 2012 fine artist, street art and fine photographers list including Phil Bender, Nathan Abels, Michael Ensminger, Aron Dubois, Square, Michael Brohman, Sigri Strand, Greth David Ligon, Jon Rose, Delton Demarest, Harrison Nealy, Jax Quackenbush, Dave Seiler, The Impossible Winterbourne, Elena Stonaker, The Mad Tatters, Laurie Halvorson, Andres Guzman, John Iverson, Daniel Alexander Orr, Nathan Williams and Tya "eye" Anthony, is there really a question as to whether there was art in Artopia 2012?

Many of those artists have been the subject of profiles in Westword and on this blog. For example, here's our look at the work of the Impossible Winterbourne.

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