Reader: Arvada Center's I'll Be Home for Christmas a Real Holiday Gift

The Arvada Center for the Arts's holiday show, I'll Be Home for Christmas, is a world premiere — but that doesn't mean its world-class. In fact, I'll Be Home for Christmas is nothing to write home about, according to reviewer Juliet Wittman. But one reader disagrees. Says Susan:
Are you kidding me? Our family just came home tonight from a wonderful dinner in Olde Town Arvada and watching this play at the Arvada Center, and it was a beautiful evening! I don't know how old you are, but you sound too young and so out of touch with what was going on during the '60s. I lived through that era and my family, too, was impacted by the Vietnam War during these times. We struggled with the rebellion of the '60s while my parents were still firmly entrenched in the '50s.

This play was beautifully produced, splendidly acted, and the costumes and the set were authentic and tasteful. We loved it and will gladly spend a warm family evening together again at the Arvada Center. Kudos to the City of Arvada for bringing such top-notch entertainment to the jewel of west Denver.
Have you seen I'll Be Home for Christmas? What holiday shows have you gone to? Which are you looking forward to?
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