Reader: Audience cheers The Book of Mormon like a game-winning home run

The Book of Mormon is so good that we posted Juliet Wittman's review of the August 19 opening night performance at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House the next day, rather than save it a few days for the print edition.

Although tickets sold out within hours of going on sale back in January, the producers are holding a lottery before each production for 24 seats -- and that way, at least 75 more people would have a shot at seeing this musical by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

People like DenverSteve, for example:

Not only is this a perfect show in terms of pacing, content, arc, visuals and delivery, but the Ellie Caulkins is by far superior to the Buell for hosting Broadway shows. The sound is better, the scope is better, it doesn't feel like you're looking at ants playing Pinochle at the end of a football stadium.

I've been to Broadway touring productions since I saw The Wiz in the 1970s. Sometimes it's a treat, other times almost a punishment. I saw The Book of Mormon matinee performance this last Saturday and in no way did I feel I was watching anything less than the Broadway show with a first-string cast.

When the show concluded, people didn't politely rise to an ovation, the audience jumped to its feet, cheering and clapping over their heads. I have never seen a similar audience reaction in a theater; it was more like a game-winning home run at Coors Field.

I heard there are tickets raffled off before each show, do whatever you can to get in. This is spectacular theater.

There's still time to get in line; the show runs through September 2.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.