Reader: AXE Body Spray, a true work of art

AXE Body Spray has had a surprising amount of marketing success with making a variety of fictional women lust after its musky scent -- but apparently, those women are not the only demographic within whom the body spray inspires strong feelings. It's been almost six months since Ben Dayton made fun of that AXE commercial with the falling angels, but even still, the comments, which run the gamut from defensive to scornful to outraged, continue to trickle in. Why, just the other day, reader Sniperwolf chimed in to offer this, uh, kind of creepy commentary:

I have to say leaveing the sex out of it. The stunning eyes and looks of the women on this add is not only breathtaken but a work of art. All up till the part were they take there halos off. But before that they way they walk they way the look around the way they move the hair out of there faces. To the part were they all look at each other. And how the old women crys at the sight of a angel. To the part were the blind man can see. I have to say this add is a true work of art. I wish that man can be so lucky to behold a sight as breathtaken such as this.

And I wish my liberal application of AXE would make women want to dig me out of my grave or... something. But so it goes.

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