Reader: B-cycle is taking this city for a ride!

Britt Chester, who sold his car two years ago and relies on his bicycle and public transportation to get around, has been riding around this town's bike trails, stopping to snap pictures. This photos become posts in our

"guess where I'm biking" series

-- which has a B-cycle card as the prize for the first correct guess in each installment.

But not everyone is along for the ride.

Says Robert Chase:

Keep your pass -- I have no interest in this extortionate bike rental program, which uses public funds and the public right of way to charge exorbitant bike rental rates ($65 per day). Denver should operate a free bike program directly -- acquire useable used bikes (instead of $1000 Treks); maintain them with vocational students, volunteers, and a tiny paid staff; and use the Denver Library card system to check bicycles out and prevent abuse. Put all of Denver on bikes instead of paying a non-profit to rent bicycles only to those with credit cards!

Is the city taking us all for a ride with B-cycle? Post your thoughts below. And to guess Britt Chester's latest location, go here.

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