Reader: Barnum offers a refuge from Highland

While people debate the changes in Highland, one refugee sings the praises of Barnum, which Jef Otte celebrated in "O, Barnum! An ode to Denver's least desirable neighborhood."

This neighborhood may be named after circus promoter P.T. Barnum, but its fans aren't clowning around.

Says John D:

Used to live in highlands and moved to barnum a few years ago. lo and behold, my old next door neighbor purchased a house on the same street not long after. we both enjoy the non pretentious attitude, proximity to the city and an insanely affordable mortgage. with light rail a few blocks up and more and more people moving to the city, barnum's cockroaches become more charming every day. remember when people were buying bungalows in highlands for 80k a pop? i do.

Is Barnum the best deal in the city these days? Post your thoughts below -- and don't miss the conservation on Highland going on here, in Cafe Society.

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