Reader: Being a scary man is very creative and noble

It's not all that easy scaring people, insists Mythica von Griffyn, who's very busy these days acting at a haunted house. In fact, as he told Thorin Klosowski in yesterday's "How to Get My Job," the gig is a lot of hard work, what with make-up, costuming and the constant need to frighten people for hours on end.

But SeanStewart appreciates the effort:

Wow, that was a heck of a story....

Very interesting because this is something very unique!! I liked the idea that a job might not be something u will see every day; there are other jobs people can try,, like being a scary man on film!!!!

I really think that is very CREATIVE and NOBLE, too.....

Two thumbs up!

Sounds like Sean is about ready to apply for a zombie position....

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