Reader: Birth control shaved off desire for "rugged" man

Face it: Moustaches are in. That was clear at last night's celebratory 'Stache at Deer Pile, and in anticipation of that event, Sam Alviani and Bree Davies faced off with their own takes on moustaches.

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This point-counterpoint inspired some interesting responses: Says Rev BF:

You should make note that when the whole "metro-sexual" craze hit the US many moons ago there were studies done that blamed the phenomenon on women's birth control. Apparently women who are on certain types of birth control don't subconsciously go after the 'rugged' man that would be more of a benefit in the animal kingdom as opposed to the 'nurturing' male who is more sensitive, dresses better and well...reminds women of women.

So, it's unfortunate that the hormonal imbalance of women ruined the beard and/or mustache - but I'm glad it's back. It's cheaper than shaving, warmer in the winter and teenagers look up to you if you have the "epic beard," win-win. Also, seniors treat beard wearers as equals and so long as your manners are up to par, they may just buy your cup of coffee because of it. True story...

What do you think of this theory? A close shave with the truth?

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