Reader: Bob Dylan is still relevant to people across the planet

Bob Dylan will be here today for the first of two concerts at 1stBank Center. As Josiah Hesse writers in his preview, he's long been a man out of time. In the beginning, he had a sentimentality for the past, the world of Robert Johnson and Hank Williams. "I was born very far from where I was supposed to be," he said in Martin Scorsese's No Direction Home. And now he sings songs of the future.

Dylan's own past has an interesting chapter in Denver: In the summer of '60, Dylan crashed in this town and gigged at the Satire.

Just a year after Robert Zimmerman adopted his iconic stage moniker, he headed West with his guitar and landed in Denver. See also: - Bob Dylan is a man out of time - Twenty fabled moments in Denver music: #11: Bob Dylan crashed in the Mile High City, 1960

Now, more than fifty years later, Dylan is back in town.

Says plpllawson:

Dylan is still relevant to generations of people across the planet. He's grown more gracefully than any of the 70s. 80s, 90s, or new millennium short lived shooting stars.

Most this crap in today's scene will never be remembered in ten years, much less 50.

Read about Dylan's time in Denver in this Backbeat post. What other artists will stand the test of time? Post your thoughts below.

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