Reader: Celebrating Easter as a non-believer -- it's better with all eggs and candy

Some spent Easter morning at a sunrise service at Red Rocks. Some celebrated with a big family feast. Some ignored the holiday altogether.

And thousands of the faithful flocked to the University of Denver, where The Thorn 2012, a passion play that's been compared to "Cirque de Soleil meets The Passion of the Christ," had booked Magness Arena for several performances.

Josiah Hesse, now an atheist but raised a Pentacostalist who attended church nine times a week, was at one of those performances of The Thorn 2012; his assessment of the passion play prompted some passionate responses.

His assessment of the experience prompted other assessments.

Says ToonForever:

Very interesting article. For years, as a Christian singer, I participated in programs like that -- large scale, with highly charged crucifixion scenes and thick with emotional response. It's unsettling to look back on that time, and think about how seriously I took all that, how TRUE it all seemed, how unquestionable.

Now here I am about to "celebrate" my first Easter as a non-believer. Rather than getting up, dragging my kids to church (or leaving them at home with mom, who deconverted several years before), it'll be all eggs and candy. Like it better that way.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.