Reader: Does the opening of Ikea constitute culture? Do pigeons fly?

Yes, it's getting deep around here -- and we're not just talking about the snow. If you've missed the discussion of Jef Otte's "The ten best moments in Denver arts: 2011," it's just the thing to heat you up on this cold winter day. Among the weighty issues that have people all hot and bothered: Does the opening of Ikea constitute culture? Is Otte a postmodern provocateur? And consider this from jdlc_denco:

If you think 'responsible journalists' owe anything to arts organizations and their belief that they are superior in any way and should be given deference when doling out press space then you are sorely misguided. "the spots on those lists..." are you kidding me?

But our hat's off to Sarah, who not only put Otte in his place -- wherever that might be -- but also listened to our plaintive plea and suggested an event for our upcoming "Ten best moments in Denver ART."

Jef, you raced a fucking pigeon on a bicycle. A pigeon whose day job is to be part of an art exhibition at MCA Denver. How this did not make your list, I will never know. But, if I had to guess, I suspect it is because in the race you were bested by a girl in a chicken suit, who beat you to the museum by about 5 full minutes (during which time she sipped a beer, placed a leisurely call to her mom, and ordered some crew neck sweaters from thegap.com). Then your panting self came staggering up the three flights of stairs to lose the race to her. Or, at least that's what I remember.

You still beat the pigeon though, so you can hold your head high.

My vote. Jon Rubin's Thinking About Flying at the Museum of Contemporary Art. And I could name 9 other things I liked better than teenagers copulating to the sounds of an IKEA opening. I agree with you about Smashputt though. That was awesome.

If you'd like to suggest a true art event for our list, post it in the comments section below. Or join the conversation already under way here.

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