Reader: Don't miss I'll Remember for You tonight

You have one more chance to see Lisa Suarez's

I'll Remember for You

, which ends a short run at

Su Teatro

tonight. The play tells the story of Suarez's relationship with her mother, who suffers from Alzeheimer's. "There's this bond and this sacrifice and this emotion," says Su Teatro executive director Tony Garcia. "You're going to walk away enlightened and engaged and sad and happy and ready. You're not going to be able to be distant from it."

And reader Marshall provides his own review.

I had the privilege of seeing this play twice in San Antonio. The first was on opening night the first time around and at that time I thought the play was outstanding. I had the privilege of seeing it again a little more that a year later when the play was brought back. I was even asked to sit on a Q & A after one of the performances. Personally, recommend this play to all, especially caregivers (past and present) of those suffering from Alzheimer's disease. So happy this play in on the road. I know everyone will enjoy.

The show starts at 7:30 p.m. tonight at Su Teatro; for ticket information, call 303-296-0219. Read more about the show here.

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