Reader: Don't remember the Alamo for Best of Denver award

Alamo Drafthouse made a big splash when it opened last month in Littleton. Fans of the Texas chain's other locations, we even gave it a Best of Denver Award for Best Movie Theater -- Food/Drink, one of over 170 awards in just the Arts & Entertainment section alone.

But one reader thinks this particular award stinks. See also: - Best Movie Theater -- Food/Drink - First Look: Alamo Drafthouse's limited-edition Robocop poster - Alamo Drafthouse offers signature events in April

Says Stinky Alamo:

Curious how a smelly, slow-servicing theater that opened about a week ago earns your best theater food/drink 2013 award over the other cinema eateries in town (which are +/- the same thing, only they've actually been open for more than one whole week). It has gotten almost nothing but unfavorable reviews from people who are "just" customers, and the opposite kinds of reviews from the small amount of "real" press.

Enjoy the free passes/money or whatever they "donated" for the award...

This pisses on the validity of any past/future best of awards.

Have you been to the new Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton? Have you been to any of the other Alamo outposts? What do you think of the operation? Post your thoughts below.

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