Reader: Don't Send a First-Year Art Student to Review a Movie Like Deadpool

Deadpool has been doing big box office since its release three weeks ago — but while our critic appreciated the "relief from superhero solemnity," he didn't appreciate all the built-in commentary. Then again, one reader didn't appreciate the critic's commentary in his own review of Deadpool, and responded with this: 
 Stop sending people who don't appreciate super-hero or action or sci-fi movies to review them. Denver is a cowboy town — take it from someone who has lived and sold art in Boston, NY and LA — but your reviews of Deadpool, the Avengers and Transformers are like you are desperately trying to be artsy elite....You trying so hard to be intellectual for a weekly paper like Westword comes off as defensive and insecure. When you review a fun people-pleaser, don't send a first-year art student with a grudge: It comes off poorly.
Have you seen Deadpool? What did you think of the movie? The review?
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