A Harley Quinn character and friend at Denver Comic Con.EXPAND
A Harley Quinn character and friend at Denver Comic Con.
Aaron Thackeray

Reader: Dressing Up in Lingerie Is Not Cosplay

During last weekend's Denver Comic Con at the Colorado Convention Center, the streets of Denver were full of people wearing costumes saluting their favorite comics characters and superheroes, in a celebration of the scene. But one spectator was not impressed. Says Amanda:

Dressing up in black and red lingerie and calling it Harley Quinn is not cosplay.

Responds Stephanie: 

Anything is cosplay. There are no rules that say what cosplay is. There should be no hate toward any cosplayer no matter what they are wearing.

Were you at Denver Comic Con? What do you think of cosplay? See our video of cosplayers at City Hall here.

Harley Quinn by Amanda ConnerEXPAND
Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner
DC Comics

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