Reader Duke Patrick Charles responds to SlutWalk name-drop: "I'm hurt"

As the Denver edition of SlutWalk approaches, the comment threads on the event's Facebook page -- and on my post about the SlutWalk event page's comment thread (shit's getting meta here, but stay with me) -- are gathering steam. In that piece, I elected to use unedited screen-shots (which included the full names of the commenters) as examples of what I considered particularly offensive public commentary. Now, one of those examples, one Duke Patrick Charles, responds -- and he is not too happy about it.

For context, here's the original comment I highlighted:

And here's Duke's response to the article:

I'm hurt that Westword called me not only a troll, but a misogynist. I'm not a misogynist - I'm a counter-misandrist, a notion so obscure in the media that spell check doesn't even recognize it. Maybe go read a book and learn about cultural trends, and then you'll actually understand what's going on. This isn't trolling - it's legitimate complaints from the opposition. People who are not sophisticated in their objections, but object nonetheless.

Duke, while the majority of your original commentary could probably be read as "complaints from the opposition," I'd have to argue that your conclusion -- "have fun with the rape, candy-ass" -- puts you definitively in the category of "troll" with strong evidence toward "misogynist." As for your actual argument, well, luckily Westword is well equipped with a staff of badass, articulate feminist writers, so I'll just let contributor Robin Edwards take it from here:

Okay, Duke, misandry is hatred of men. And that's not what SlutWalk or feminism is about at all. Feminism isn't anti-male, it's anti-patriarchy. Patriarchy hurts women and men by creating unfair stereotypes and roles for both sexes. One of the stereotypes that men have to deal with because of patriarchy is this idea that they are sub-human beasts with no control of themselves, which you perpetuate by comparing them to a cage of lions. "You can't really blame the lions for your stupidity." Really? Men have no moral standards and can't help but to rape a woman because of the way she's dressed? That's offensive to all of the intelligent men who know that it's not okay to rape. You are placing the responsibility for getting raped on women, when it should be on the men doing the raping. The point is that men should stop doing the raping. And it's unfair to the big percentage of men who are not rapists to suggest that men have no self control at all.

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