Reader: Everyone Has a Right to Enjoy This Beautiful State

We know that natives versus newcomers is a hot topic in Denver. That's why we sent relative newcomer Brian Badzmierowski and native podcaster Jon Ekstrom to the streets, to ask people what they thought of the Mile High City — whether they've lived here for a week or a lifetime. You can watch the results in our Native V. Newcomer video, which inspired numerous comments, including this from Brandon: 
BREAKING NEWS: Denver natives exhaust Colorado's entire supply of Vagisil after Westword posts another article on transplants! Analogous to Donald Trump: These natives don't think anyone should be allowed entrance to our state. Chants of "Build that wall!" have echoed over Denver.

In all seriousness, I'm a Colorado native but have only lived in Denver for three years. Am I not welcome here? People like commenter Jess (below) are absolutely insane to think transplants are ruining Denver. Do you even live here? I reside in downtown proper, and most of my friends are transplants. They love this city and bring tons of money into it.

Transplants,  you're free to help our booming economy. You're free to invest in our city. You're free to take care of our parks, and you're free to (unfortunately) clog up I-70, because who doesn't enjoy the mountains? 

All the "natives" who hate on transplants: Get a life. Your negativity sucks, and we'd rather not have you represent us. Everyone has a right to enjoy our beautiful state. You don't deserve to live here. And, oh, yeah, Denver sucked in the '90s. It's one of the dopest cities in the country in 2016 because of... (you guessed it) transplants! Much love to everyone who isn't a hateful douche.
And here's that comment from Jess, which inspired Brandon's response: 
Most native Coloradans loathe all the transplants. I do! I think it's funny how the majority of the articles and posts from the Westword are written by transplants... Tell me again how you know where to find the best green chili? You don't even know what it's supposed to taste like. Just another state hijacking! Go to Seattle!!!
Just for the record, El Tejado won the Best Green Chile award in the Best of Denver 2016 — and it was chosen by someone who's been in Denver for forty years.
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