Reader: Fashion Is an Expression of Creativity, Like Art or Theater

Fashion writer Mauricio Rocha regularly roams around Denver with his camera, spotting people who show off impressive fashion sense. Last week student Nicole Ault caught his eye, and he profiled her street style. But not everyone appreciated her look — or the fact that Westword was looking at fashion at all.
Says Christina:

Really? I never comment on shit like this, but her style isn't ahead in fashion and it's Denver. A simple black crop top and long skirt? How about walk through Milan for an hour and you'll see what REAL fashion is. End rant.

Responds Heather: 

 Some people need to tone down the nasty meter. Seriously? If you don't want to read an article about style or fashion, read the title and move on. Nicole obviously is beautiful, has a local following, and the resources to dress well. She also has a brain if she is going to school. This is her expression of creativity, much like art or theater. Why be negative?

Concludes Alec:

You are missing the point. The bottom line is this a lameass article and people have the right to express their opinion. I have been reading Westword since I moved to Denver in 1995 and the quality of articles has seriously gone downhill — that's the point. Doesn't have anything to do with Nicole or fashion.

What do you think of Nicole's look? What do you think of Mauricio's looks at fashion? Here's his most recent piece on art student Jacob Saraff.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.