Reader: Feeling burned by a Burning Man artist

It doesn't look like this year's Burning Man will be all peace and love in the desert. Britt Chester recently documented an earky exhibit of

"ten items you'll need at Burning Man this year,"

including the crocheted coozies made by Julie Samek -- but another artisan is feeling burned.

Says leigh anne:

Love pilot designs is a thieving company - Julie Samek stole my "Koolio" line of designs after I was nice enough to teach her how to crochet and she promised me she wouldn't sell them outside of with me. She now calls them her own and is in copywrite infringement of my design. My name is Leigh Anne Thomas! I am the CREATOR of these designs, and these are sold through a business I share with my brother, Lashorn ThunderRoot, who also happens to be Julie Samek's ex-boyfriend. We have been making and selling these items all over the country for over 10 years. She stole these ideas from us, and now we must take action against her. No one should buy from her - she is a thief. Anybody wanting an original "Koolio" should contact me, LEIGH ANNE, at earthandler@yahoo.com. ~thanks and blessings

See Britt Chester's original post here.

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