Reader: Here, Kitty, Kitty! Lollipop Gift lives, but should these parents?

This week Jenn Wohletz lamented the closing of Lollipop Gift, the Hello Kitty store that had closed, without explanation, in the Denver Pavilions. Now we've heard from Kenneth Chan, the owner, who provides that explanation. While the store was doing "fine," he also owns other companies and just didn't have time to run this shop while also traveling to trade shows and taking care of business. He'd only signed a nine-month lease, he says, and decided not to resign. "So, it's come to the end," he writes.

But he also has more to say, about the state of parenting today: See also: - Goodbye, Kitty! Lollipop Gift, the Hello Kitty store, closes - Hello Kitty comes to the 16th Street Mall at Lollipop Gifts

Nowadays, parenting is different. It's not like it used to be. Crystal and I saw it every day: kids crying, begging for a Hello Kitty diary or pencil, or who were dumped by irresponsible parents while they were killing time for restaurant table or bra shopping, etc. They used Lollipop as a-day care. A young girl wants to write diary, Mom's response: "No, get a compact mirror instead." It breaks my heart. Beautiful stationery encourage young writers -- not anymore.

I met so many great friends and supporter in my store. Since then, we became very good friends....I will stay on my Lollipop Gift Facebook to keep in touch with my Customers. Hopefully, we can do a pop-up shop someday.

Did you shop at Lollipop? Would you visit a pop-up? And should parents like these be banned?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.