Reader: I adored being treated like an idiot by a spoiled wife with hubby's credit card

Bree Davies loves her job at the Shirt Folding Store, where she's worked off and on since 2006. But she does not love asshole customers who treat her like she's an idiot.

And in this post, she highlighted other misconceptions about retail employees.

To which Michael added:

Simply brilliant. I always adored being treated like an idiot by spoiled wives with their hubby's credit card -- literally, some would come in with a credit card in their husband's name and not understand why I couldn't use it as payment for their item -- while I was finishing my Master's degree. Some of these people couldn't string together 4 words without committing a grave grammatical error but assumed that because I was behind a cash register that I must be missing three-quarters of what must have been already a sub-par brain.

But there were always those customers who made up for them, like the elderly gentlemen who used to come in to just browse and chat. While in England, he found and bought me a first-printing of a book I had long been seeking. That guy made up for at least 1000 idiots.

Now, that's what we call customer service!

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