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Reader: "I can't believe SlashFilm would repost this article"

We don't presume to be more than we are. Our list of the Six Worst Movies of the Summer was just our little opinion, and nothing more -- until it got featured by national film site SlashFilm. Then it became definitive. But with the national recognition of being definitive complainers also comes commenters who are even angrier than usual, apparently -- commenters such as Slashfilmer, who is really, really angry.

I'm just glad that this crap isn't on the front page of the Movie section. Tim you are a fucking tool who is overweight and bitter. I can't believe Slash films would repost this article. I for one will be talking to Peter about never promoting your shit for reviews or opinions again. Eat shit douche bag

Jesus, dude! Wait, who's bitter? Just for laughs, Tim Davids responds:

I hope Peter listens to you! It's crazy how much power you have over there!

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