Reader: If Barry Fey is a dinosaur, what's the Colorado Symphony Orchestra?

Before the Colorado Symphony Orchestra announced that it was cutting back its fall schedule in an attempt to balance a budget shortfall of $1.2 million, Show and Tell checked in with Barry Fey, the savior of the symphony back in 1989. Fey thinks that the current incarnation of the symphony could be on a death watch -- and before it expires, he'd like to know what happened to the plaque honoring him that had been placed in Boettcher Hall.

Is the Colorado Symphony Orchestra a bigger dinosaur than Barry Fey?

That's what Zoe W. called the promoter, who suggested that Barry Fey should shut up, already.

And that inspired this from Hinalapr:

If they fail they fail is right! Obviously the Symphony cannot afford anything but their egos. They would not be around today if Mr. Fey did not help them in the first place. As for him being a dinosaur, can we still not learn from Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King? Their ideas seem to still be very valid today. The only thing that has changed in fundraising is the amount of hands that the money must pass through first. Who are these wonderful promoters today? One thing I am sure of is they probably were educated by Barry....

I believe this article makes a point about looking at our past honestly. They took down the plaque because the Symphony is embarrassed of their history of struggle and that is why they are doomed to fail.

By the way, according to CSO officials, "that plaque predates anyone in the current administration by at least a decade, and we haven't been able to find it."

Let's hope they're more successful in finding a solution to the CSO's current financial crisis. Have an idea? Post it below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.