Reader: If this were Shit Girls in Capitol Hill Say, it would be funny. Denver? Not so much.

When we didn't find many Shit People in Denver Say videos, we created our own. But then Erin Streets, a 25-year-old Denver designer, weighed in with her own Shit Girls in Denver Say , which Nick Lucchesi says is very funny.

Not so Shannen:

The problem with the ones I've watched about Denver, is one, they're not being made by people from here, and two, just like any city, Denver has huge neighborhoods that are very different from each other.

If you labeled it "Shit girls/people say in Capitol Hill" and stuck to name dropping and hipster shit, it'd be fairly accurate and funny, or if it was specific to Lodo, and stuck to "bro" shit, etc.

Denver is too big, with too many very lifestyle specific neighborhoods to generalize the entire city. Also, there really aren't good examples, for instance the other video Shit people say in Denver, talked about Colfax being ghetto or scary, but if you actually live in capitol hill, Lodo, uptown, whatever, you think the rumors and reputation of Colfax are ridiculous.

Watch that other video Shannen mentions here. And to have your own say about the shit Girls in Denver say, post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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