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Reader: If You Don't Like the Public Art Out There, Create Something Better

Last weekend we shared comments by Georgia Amar, a co-founder of Denver's Art District on Santa Fe, criticizing Denver's public arts program. And readers were quick to respond. Says Russ Wright: 
Art is subjective. You, I and everyone else has an opinion on what they like or dislike. Personally I have liked a lot of the public art I have seen in Denver the 28 years I have lived here. I have actually submitted a few times to some projects in the past, and I think that the process seems a bit wacky.

Your rant here seems a bit self-serving, and I lost all respect for your views when you used the word "crap" to describe projects that talented individuals created and had the courage to display in a public forum. Describing any art as "crap" is a weak response to anyone"s work. If you don't like the work that's out there, feel free to create something better.
But then there's this from Jeff Weston:
Spot on. Informed and intelligent with ways to improve. This is by far the best comment from a reader I have ever read. Let this woman choose the art.
What do you think of this state's public arts programs? Read Georgia Amar's original critique here, and then share your own thoughts.
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