Reader: I'm Proud of Denver's Cultural Attractions — and the SCFD

At the bottom of all ballots in the seven-county Denver metro area is 4B, a measure that would reauthorize the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, which funds organizations devoted to culture and the arts by way of a 0.1 percent sales tax — that's a penny on every ten dollars — that's been in place for 28 years. Without voters' approval, the tax will expire on June 30, 2018. And that would be a shame, says Colin: 

I moved to Texas, where they REALLY don't like the government funding cultural stuff.

In Austin, our science "museum" is a collection of a dozen or so non-permanent kiosks in a small warehouse, our Aquarium is in a strip mall inside of what was apparently an old department store, and the playgrounds are embarrassingly small!

I'm still very proud of Denver's cultural attractions! F*** anyone who votes against renewing this funding!

Read our pro and con pieces on 4B — and then Bree Davies's profile of five organizations that have benefited from the tax.

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