The namesake of Capitol Hill.
The namesake of Capitol Hill.
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Reader: I'm Really, Really Mad That I Can't Afford to Live in Capitol Hill

On Monday, Teague Bohlen offered up his Five Things That Make Residents of Capitol Hill Really, Really Mad. And he could easily have added a sixth in this old, but quickly changing neighborhood: the imminent closing of the Gypsy House Cafe, which we reported just a day later.  Residents of Capitol Hill quickly contributed a few more. Suggests Bill:

Number 6: Bedbugs. If you live in Cap Hill, you probably either have them in your building or are next to one that does. It's Cap Hill's dirty little secret.

Says Kimberly:

Nice to know I can get 2 parking tickets on my unmoved car within less than 12 hours !!! With different fines and different amounts due !!! ... can someone explain ? City needs money for ???

Adds Charles: 

The worst thing about Cap Hill is pet owners not cleaning up after their pets when it snows. The snow melts to reveal so so much dog shit around the neighborhood.

With the weather so warm today, you'll spot plenty of what makes Charles very, very mad. But then there's this sad addition from Sarah: 

One thing that makes an ex-Capitol Hill (never called it Cap Hill, ugh) resident mad....the fact that I will never again be able to afford to live in Capitol Hill.

What do you live of Capitol Hill? The changes there?

The Gypsy House Cafe will close in March.
The Gypsy House Cafe will close in March.
Kyle Wagner

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