Reader: Impossible Winterbourne's art should pop up everywhere! Full steampunk ahead!

Impossible Winterbourne knows the importance of public art. "It gives the public a voice, inspires people, makes people happy, makes rundown buildings beautiful, and does all this while asking nothing in return," he told Tiffany Fitzgerald for this post.

And this Denver artist is putting up his unauthorized, steampunk art all over town, asking nothing in return. "More importantly," he adds, "public art is a necessary counter to the onslaught of ads we are subject to everyday. Every minute of every day the corporate world is trying to sell the public something it does not need. Ads infiltrate our world to a nauseating extent. We need people like Banksy, Zevs, Ron English and the Billboard Liberation Front to give the rest of the public a voice."

Impossible Winterbourne has been in Denver just a year, adding his sculpture to the urban landscape; starting this week, he'll be decorating the city with SteamBots.

And BtA gives him a hearty welcome to town:

I *love* these! I give all kinds of advance permission for this sort of art to pop up on my property. ^_^

Read more from Impossible Winterbourne here. Where would you like to see his art show up next?

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