Reader: John Hickenlooper invited to hang with Barack Obama because he's a sell-out, too

John Hickenlooper still isn't sure why he was the only elected official invited to sit in the President's Box with Barack Obama and this year's Kennedy Center Honors recipients: Yo-Yo Ma, Sonny Rollins, Neil Diamond, Meryl Streep and Barbara Cook. But Colorado's governor knows it was the thrill of a lifetime.

Even if guest didn't appreciate the honor:

hooray for ol lickenpooper. As he says "So did Meryl Streep. They gave her like a six-minute standing ovation, and she leaned around Yo-Yo Ma and the First Lady, and mouthed the words 'thank you' to the President. I saw that moment of history." what an important part of history.. some ol windbag says thanks to some sellout. fucking great! why don't you come back to colorado and lobby some more communities to start drilling for oil so you and your petrolium buddies can make some more money.

p.s. john, did you ever think that maybe obama wanted you near him because you are a sellout also and he wants to be near his kind. that's my theory

If you have a better theory for why Hickenlooper was invited to the Kennedy Center besides party-pooper guest's explanation, post it below. And in the meantime, we have another mission for you:

Even though Colorado's governor was invited to sit in the President's Box, over the 34 years of the Kennedy Center ceremony, no artist from Colorado has ever been chosen...and Neil Diamond having a house in Basalt doesn't count. (See the full list of honorees here.) What Coloradan would you like to see honored by the Kennedy Center?

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