Reader: KinkforAllDenver needs to work out a few kinks

The KinkforAllDenver event on February 25 may have left a few people out of that all. A group of Denver kinksters staged a protest at the conference, criticizing the organizers -- Rebecca Crane of Boulder and Maymay, formerly of New York and the co-founder of KinkForAll -- for censoring presentations to discourage too much BDSM content.

As a result, some local kinksters didn't attend. And others who did put tape over their mouths, not as some kind of kinky sex play -- but as part of the protest.

Says Faith Black:

If MayMay has such a problem with the "traditional kink scene", then why doesn't he just get the fuck out of it? He doesn't HAVE to include himself in the community. It's optional.

I'm really having a very very difficult time finding a reason for all of this. What does he hope to achieve? What's the end goal to all of this drama he's been starting? There are far better ways to earn blog views than by intentionally encouraging people to hate you.

Read more about the event, and the protest, here. And read Jenn Wohletz's look at the local kink scene in her "Call of the Wildlife" cover story.

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